A Sacred Room Is Your Sacred Place

How We Began

The sacred room actually began as the corner in a room, more specifically a dresser in the corner of a room. It was a room with a view of a tree outside and the only place that I felt some peace in what was the most challenging and difficult time period of my life. No matter how low I felt, I could come to this corner and remember that 'this too shall pass'. The corner grew from a nightstand to a console table, to an entire spare bedroom. This spare room became a respite, particularly over the last few years. Having a room for prayer and meditation has given me a sense of safety, peace, and brought tremendous balance to my home and my life. Designating a place for journaling, for introspection, for self-reflection, and for positive self talk, will have a profound impact on your life. Knowing the positive changes in my life, I wanted to share the lessons I have learned by helping others find balance and peace and by helping others remember they are sacred.

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